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MAH Foundation, Inc. is a Florida nonprofit corporation and is organized as a 501(c)(3) Non-operating Foundation created to support charitable organizations for the local and national advancement of education, health, science and mercy.

The organization directs all annual income generated by its endowment fund to noteworthy and deserving charitable organizations, including, but not limited to, those organizations listed on this site. Assets are conservatively and professionally managed on a hedge-fund basis that minimizes risk while maximizing return. (During the severe economic crisis of 2008-2009, and corresponding collapse in worldwide financial markets, MAH retained 90% of its value while the average mutual fund fell by more than 50% and the average hedge fund fell by more than 60%).

The foundation was chartered in 2002 by Mr. Allan Hadhazy, a one-time Wall Street analyst and now semi-retired internet venture capitalist.
About Allan Hadhazy: A product of the greater Chicago region, Mr. Hadhazy pursued dual curricula in Economics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois (Champaign/Urbana) and Chicago. Matriculating in 1987, he took an entry-level Wall Street position with the Institute for Econometric Research, a quantitative analysis boutique and advisory think tank well-known at the time for ground-breaking applications of advanced computer science to technical (quantitative) financial analysis. Mr. Hadhazy advanced rapidly, and between 1990 and 1995, his work with the Institute was cited frequently in leading financial publications including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Investor's Daily and The New York Times. Mr. Hadhazy's opinions on the financial headlines of the day were frequently solicited and quoted often in the financial press.

By 1994, a famously successful 10-year track record in mutual-fund analysis and forecasting led to the development and debut of the Institute's Mutual Funds Magazine, a national consumer financial monthly that within a few short years became the second-largest circulation monthly consumer finance magazine in America, second only to Time Warner's Money. The magazine's companion website,, was the first successful large-scale consumer financial service on the internet. As both Editor and Director of Online Services, Al Hadhazy substantially benefited from and participated in the success of the enterprise, and the website, magazine, and company itself was sold a few years later to Time Warner for approximately $80 million. (In 2002, as circulation weakened in the post-internet-bubble bear-market environment, Time Warner shuttered the property and folded all acquired assets into Money.)

From 1994 through the late 1990s, Mr. Hadhazy parlayed a small portion of his earnings from financial publishing and Wall Street into several early minority positions in nascent internet ventures including Netscape, Yahoo! and Excite. (Disclosure: As Senior Analyst for the Institute's New Issues institutional advisory service during the early-to-mid 1990s, Allan E Hadhazy performed in-depth analyses of the major internet IPOs of the day, issuing formal 'Buy' recommendations for several).

Mr. Hadhazy also took angel investor roles in smaller internet ventures, including active roles managing, operating and controlling a small handful of the most promising. Among these ventures were first-generation "first mover" social-networking platforms such as iFriends. Platforms like FriendFinder (a 'personals' search engine) and 'iFriends' (a webcam-centered person-to-person videochat community with extensive search and friend-find features) were the predecessors of today's FaceBook, MySpace and Friendster. The early success of these platforms arrived before the internet was commonplace in every household, causing the platforms to initially receive disproportionate attention from early-adopter segments of the population, including adult demographics.

While undeniably popular with adult audiences, such platforms were conservatively managed, professionally operated, compliant with all applicable laws, and unavailable to minors. Hadhazy conceived, chartered, recruited and collaborated with the first industry-leading, independent organization – the Health and Science Advisory Board (HSAB), a group of globally-recognized therapists, sex educators, academics, theologians and medical professionals – to oversee adult-oriented user activity on such platforms and provide other essential services to the online user community. (The HSAB is headed by Executive Director Dr. June Reinisch, former Director of the famed Kinsey Institute, world leader in the science of human sexuality, the subject of the recent Hollywood movie, Kinsey, starring Liam Neeson.) Allan Hadhazy is proud of both the uncontroversial history and socially-responsible operational record such services continue to enjoy.

Mr.Hadhazy was active in several other internet spheres as well. His involvement extended to HMO/healthcare websites, back-office outsourced content management and screening, affiliate marketing programs, online dating platforms, and more. During his career, Hadhazy also collaborated with numerous marquee internet companies on a wide array of joint-venture initiatives and business relationships, including Yahoo!, MSN, America Online, Google, Netscape, Excite and many others.

No longer directly involved in the active management of internet ventures, Allan Hadhazy today enjoys numerous interests, including family, friends, travel, sports and outdoor activities. He devotes the majority of his time to his active role as trustee of the MAH Foundation, the philanthropic private foundation he founded and through which he and his family support dozens of different charitable causes.

MAH Foundation, Inc. is a Florida nonprofit corporation and is organized as a 501(c)(3) Non-operating Foundation created to support charitable organizations for the local and national advancement of education, health, science and mercy.

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